Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Could Be Delayed Further, Journalist Says

Suicide Squad Delayed 2024

On Thursday, news broke that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed from May to September 2023. Now, less than 24 hours later, there is concern and talk of another delay of the game.

In the latest episode of the Game Mess Decides podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb stated that he’s heard from sources that the game could even be pushed back to 2024.

“I don’t want to cause a panic or anything, but I’ve heard that it’s not even coming this year,” Grubb says. “I’m hearing 2024.

“I heard it earlier this evening [Thursday]. This is a bigger delay than is even being put out there.”

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was recently a part of the latest Sony PlayStation State of Play showcase where it received 15 minutes of coverage. In that coverage, a six-minute look at gameplay was shown to viewers. The response to it from fans was ultimately less than ideal for Warner Bros. Games.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a continuation of Rocksteady’s Arkham series of Batman games. The game sees players take control of the titular group in order to save the Justice League and stop an Alien invader who is taking over Metropolis.

The game, when it launches, will feature gameplay for up to four players via co-op. It was also revealed by Rocksteady that every weapon and character can be fully upgraded in a number of ways.

What do you think about Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League possibly being delayed even further?

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