Fable Still “Miles Away”, It’s Claimed


The new Fable game is still “miles away” according to journalist Andrew Robinson. In an appearance on VGC’s latest podcast, Robinson discussed upcoming games from Xbox.

The games he believes Xbox is focused on are Ninja Theory’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 and Obsidian’s Avowed.

“I think the nearest ones for them are Hellblade and probably Avowed,” Robinson said. “That’s the next big thing for them that they’ll be talking about. From my understanding, those two are the closest.”

Moving on to other announced titles, Robinson talked about the status of games like Perfect Dark and the aforementioned Fable.

“It’s still pretty stunning that Fable is still miles away,” he said. “Perfect Dark is not close, Everwild is not close. Everything looks so great on paper and it’s just, the games are just not quite ready yet.”

Robinson also mentioned that the new Fable game has only recently entered full production.

Adding on to that, VGC’s Jordan Middler says that, based on conversations he’s had, there are a lot of questions about the direction of the game. Middler says that

“I’m not sure if you made an original Fable-style game now it would be what people want,” Middler says. “The term ‘Witcher-like’ was thrown about a lot to me. Which I feel will piss people off that like the original Fable.”

Fable was originally announced in 2020, but there hasn’t been much from Microsoft in the way of updates since. Based on what Middler and Robinson have said, it’s starting to make sense as to why.

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