Ubisoft Closing Multiple Offices, Rumor Claims

Ubisoft Closing Offices

With a decline in physical game sales, Ubisoft is closing multiple offices. In an email obtained and shared on ResetEra, the publisher will close offices located mostly in Europe.

One office specifically mentioned is Ubisoft Benelux.

According to the email, the decision is blamed on the company facing “several challenges due to external factors”. Those at the aforementioned Benelux office will depart the company starting April 1.

“As we all know, the market is constantly evolving and as an organization we need to keep up with it,” the email reads. “At this time, Ubisoft is facing several challenges due to external factors, such as the decline in sales volume of physical games in favor of digital sales, the centralization of marketing by digitizing all our communication channels, the shift from major retail releases to F2P, mobile and seasonal games and less major physical shows.”

It continues: “To meet the challenges of the future, Ubisoft’s management has decided to close a number of subsidiaries in Europe.”

As far as studios are concerned, the closures don’t appear to be impacting any of those. Based on the email, it seems as if only marketing and distribution offices will be closed by the publisher.

Insider Gaming has reached out to Ubisoft for an official statement on the offices closing. Should a response be received, this story will be updated accordingly.

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