Street Fighter x Monster Hunter Crossover is Coming April 2024

During today’s Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Special Program, Capcom revealed an upcoming crossover between Street Fighter 6 and Monster Hunter.

Capcom did not confirm an exact release date, but the collaboration is coming sometime this April. It will introduce a variety of Monster Hunter-themed content in Street Fighter 6.

This includes a cosmetic based on iconic Rathalos armor, which even carries over into your World Tour adventures. There will also be a Rathalos photo spot in the Battle Hub.

In a new post, the official Street Fighter Twitter account also released today’s Special Program footage as a separate trailer.

This is a relatively small crossover, but nonetheless a fun nod to Monster Hunter’s anniversary. It’s unclear if there will be anything more than the announced content. Some kind of related LTM would be a nice gesture, but the scope doesn’t suggest anything like that is coming.

The description of the Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary Special Program carefully warns fans that it “does not feature new game announcements or news on Monster Hunter Wilds”.

Capcom first announced Monster Hunter Wilds, the next major title in the core series, at The Game Awards 2023. The devs released a brief teaser trailer, but didn’t reveal many details.

Fans will have to wait until summer 2024 for a planned update on Monster Hunter Wilds.

On June 14th, Capcom will also release Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4. Alongside it, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will launch a new PlayStation 4 version the same day.

Capcom also announced today that Monster Hunter: World has reached 25 million units sold. It’s a testament to the installment’s broader appeal.

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