Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Begins May 19th

street fighter 6 open beta

There may only be a few weeks until Street Fighter 6 is finally released, but Capcom is eager to give everyone a taste as soon as possible. It was recently revealed that a Street Fighter 6 open beta will take place between the 19th and the 21st of May, giving players a chance to experience crossplay, the ‘Battle Hub’, and eight top-tier characters for free, two weeks before the full game is released.

It’s not often that a beta phase will take place so close to the release of the full game, so it’s likely more of a hype-generating practice than it is a technical one. Typically, these trial periods will allow developers to weed out bugs, but with just two weeks between the period going live and the game releasing, it’s more probable that the Street Fighter 6 open beta is to make people much more excited than they already are.

Weeks Away

The Street Fighter 6 open beta will be made available in addition to the demo version that was released a while ago, giving players an insight into the beginning of the World Tour mode found in the game., as well as Fighting Ground modes.

One of the key differences here is that the open beta will feature multiplayer battles, and not just the single-player content found in the Street Fighter 6 demo product.

On YouTube, a trailer was released to promote the open beta:

If the sheer arrival of the open beta wasn’t enough to win you over, there are hundreds of extremely positive comments on the video praising Capcom’s work of late.

“The amount of confidence Capcom has in this game is just amazing. To release all this free content and trailers and character reveals and an offline demo and 3 betas. What a time to be a Street Fighter fan!” – JB

“I’m not even a Street Fighter fan, but Capcom is doing such an amazing job in this one that I’m planning to get it just to support the fantastic effort.” – German Brandeburgo

“You guys are absolutely killing it with this release, well done! First game I have preordered in a long time after being burned on AAA titles previously.” – littlescale

Recently, Capcom’s president took to the airwaves to state quite confidently that the firm expects Street Fighter 6 to hit ten million sales in no time at all. It’s ambitious, but given the drive behind the project, it’s far from being impossible.

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