Starbreeze CEO Suggests Payday 3 Will Launch H2 2023

payday 3

In a financial update to the company, the CEO of Starbreeze, Tobias Sjogren, set out the path ahead for the development, marketing, and ultimately the release of Payday 3, which was revealed at the start of 2023. It was already known that the game would launch this year, but Sjogren explained that the marketing campaign will kick off in the summer, meaning that the game will have to launch towards the end of the year.

However, hints as to what’s coming next have already been revealed, with Starbreeze reportedly dropping clues inside Payday 2 right now that reveal how the two games are linked ahead of the impending launch of Payday 3.

New York, New York

From the first Payday 3 trailer that was released at the start of 2023, we already know that the game will be set in and around New York City. There aren’t many more details up for grabs, but that’s likely to change soon, as a teaser trailer released today revealed that Payday 3 gameplay will be revealed in the next few months:

In the financial update published by Starbreeze, it was revealed that Payday 3 already sits on more than 1 million wishlists on Steam, and the firm has even started marketing in earnest just yet. There are a few months until Payday 3 is set to release, and that 1 million will likely swell when it all begins in earnest.

On a one-pager tucked away inside the financial update, Sjogren highly spoke about the road ahead:

2023 is the year of PAYDAY … I, like all of Starbreeze, look forward to showing off what we’ve spent the last few years doing.

Sjogren also explained that the proceeds of Payday 3 will likely finance the company’s future games that will be released ‘around 2025 and 2027’, and that DLC content will be released at ‘regular intervals’ following the ultimate launch of Payday 3 itself.

It’s transparency, and we absolutely love that.

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  1. I hope starbreeze can handle all that cash and doesn’t go bankrupt again I’m still pissed of about them having to sell payday crime war to popreach who then destroyed it if I was starbreeze I wouldn’t want my company logo on that crap game

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