ESRB Rates Stellar Blade M For Jiggling Breasts and Impalement

stellar blade games April 2024

It has just surfaced that the ESRB – the Entertainment Software Rating Board – has given Stellar Blade a rating of ‘M for Mature’. This was expected, but the breakdown explaining why that rating has been given contains some key details about the upcoming post-apocalyptic slasher. For instance, it was referenced that the M rating has been applied because Stellar Blade features ‘breasts that jiggle during combat’.

There’s also Decapitation

In the rating published by the ESRB recently, it was stressed that Stellar Blade deserves its M for Mature rating because it contains ‘close-up images of impalement, dismemberment, and decapitation’.

In keeping with the discussions around Stellar Balde that have dominated social platforms, the listing also pointed out that the game contains ‘female characters in revealing costumes’. Specifically, it was stated that these costumes feature ‘deep cleavage, skintight, flesh-toned bodysuits’.

There was a unique mention of ‘breasts that jiggle during combat’ and a reference to the word ‘sh*t’ appearing in the game. So, Stellar Blade is light on the language but heavy on the breast physics.

Recently, it was revealed that Stellar Blade will have an extensive catalogue of clothing items available for the player to unlock and equip. It was stated that none of these outfits will be hidden behind paywalls and that each one will be unique. The developer, Shift Up, has expended a great effort in making the ‘backside’ of the main character, Eve, as attractive as possible.


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