Stellar Blade Details Reveal It’s For Casual Players Too

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In a recent interview that has surfaced online, directors from Shift Up, the developer behind Stellar Blade, sat down to talk about the game and reveal some more intricate details about the project. There were many key details revealed about the game, one of the most telling of which was that casual players will feel right at home in Stellar Blade thanks to the game’s ‘support features’ and dynamic difficulty settings.

For a while, prospective fans of this semi-open-world, post-apocalyptic slasher have wondered just how challenging Stellar Blade will be. Reportedly, it’s comparable to Bayonetta, Sekiro, or Star Wars Jedi, but thanks to certain accommodations, even inexperienced players will be able to get on with it.

That’s Just Stellar

In the exclusive interview with Play3, Hyung-Tae Kim and Dong-Gi Lee from Shift Up spoke at length about what players can expect when they dive into Stellar Blade on April 26.

It was explained that it’s a more tactical game that needs players to ‘put in some effort’ to master, but there are support features in battle that can help ‘action game lovers’ who ‘are not that skilled’. At any point, the game’s difficult settings can be adjusted, which is great news for those who are opposed to the challenges presented in games like Elden Ring, Dark Souls, or Bloodborne.

Stellar Blade will feature both ranged and melee-based combat mechanics, offering players a variety of fighting styles. There are some enormous, complex bosses to face off against, so being versatile is a must.

Hyung-Tae Kim revealed that Shift Up opted for a semi-open-world punctuated by linear stages because ‘a completely open world might be difficult for the narrative to be the focus’. Over time, that narrative will unfold and Eve – the scantily-clad protagonist – will develop emotions and form relationships with her ‘comrades’.

Finally, the developers explained that the PlayStation 5’s DualSense features are utilised in full in Stellar Blade, and technical-wise, the game can be played in both 60 FPS ‘Performance Mode’ and 4K ‘Resolution Mode’ – with a Balanced Mode mixed in for good measure.

Oh, and you can also go fishing.

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