Dying Light 2: Reloaded Edition and ‘Gun Update’ Revealed

dying light 2

Techland has lifted the lid on Dying Light 2: Stay Human Reloaded Edition (that’s a mouthful), an all-new version of the open-world zombie-slaying epic that’ll introduce players to everything released for Dying Light 2 so far. That means it’ll include the base game, the Bloody Ties DLC, and exclusive ‘new content for solo and co-op players’ that includes ‘surprises for fans of Dying Light (2015)’.

Not only that but Techland also revealed that it’ll be released alongside the long-awaited ‘Firearms Update’ that’s bringing guns to Dying Light 2 for the first time. It’s an inclusion that was teased as part of a stacked roadmap months ago, and it’s one of a few sizeable additions that Techland is making to Dying Light 2 in the coming months.

Not Dead Yet

Dying Light 2 was released in 2022 to a mixed reception, with many fans claiming that it ‘just wasn’t as good as’ Dying Light, the first game that was released back in 2015. I’m a huge fan of Dying Light, and I simply adore the second game – I’ve put hundreds of hours into it since it was released and have soaked up all it has to offer. In my eyes, it’s much more ‘apocalyptic’ than Dying Light, being as it is set so much further into the future, beyond the end of the world.

On February 22, Dying Light 2: Stay Human Reloaded Edition will hit digital storefronts on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, giving players one neat package through which to explore everything Techland has created thus far – and will create in future. That includes guns, which haven’t yet been seen in Dying Light 2. It’s a little lore breaking, given how firearms are just going to suddenly spring up so long after the world collapse, but I’ll let it slide if they write them in well enough.

This is the biggest update yet for Dying Light 2, and there’s still much more to come. There’s still an outstanding major DLC release for the game, but nobody knows what that looks like at present.

There’s one negative to come out of this news, and that’s that Dying Light 2’s Nightmare Mode has been delayed – along with the upcoming Tower Raids feature.

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