State of Decay 3 Planned for 2027 Release, It’s Rumored

state of decay 3

There’s a rumor circulating that State of Decay 3, the long-awaited sequel to Undead Labs’ 2018 game, is scheduled to be released in 2027. This particular rumor was kicked off following a discovery on an Art Station profile belonging to a Lighting and Technical Artist at Undead Labs. On this profile, it said that the game would drop in 2027 – and since that claim came to light, the artist has removed the reference from their profile.

Almost a Decade

It could be that this was an older date being referenced and it was removed to avoid any confusion, or it could be that it was a legitimate, planned release date for State of Decay 3. It was around two years ago that Undead Labs released a teaser trailer showcasing State of Decay 3, and since then, everything has gone quiet.

We’ve had no further news delivered regarding the game, but 2018’s State of Decay 2 continues to be updated. It was just a couple of weeks ago that the ‘Curveball’ update was applied to State of Decay 2, bringing players a mechanic that would see randomly-generated events occur in the game.

If State of Decay 3 is to launch in 2027, that means that players far and wide would be subjected to almost a ten-year delay between games. These days, that’s not so strange a concept. It was ten years between Dead Island and Dead Island 2, for example – and at the moment, Elder Scrolls VI is on track to be released more than fifteen years after Elder Scrolls V.

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  1. That’s crazy they announced it back in 2020. What about all the other games? The old rumor was true no games until next generation. Perfect Dark I assume gets cancelled or is next gen, Killer Instinct is dead, and the same for all the other games cancelled or next gen.

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