Starfield Is So Lovey-Dovey It’ll Make Your Heart Ache


I’m playing Starfield very slowly – like, glacial. I’m picking off the achievements one by one and I’ve just snagged the ‘Starcrossed’ award that threw a hefty 20 G at my account. To do it, I had to fully and completely fall head over heels in love with a companion – and I picked Sarah Morgan of Constellation.

But what I didn’t expect from Starfield before I set out on my journey of romance and courtship was a deeply emotional, heart-rending, and at times quite sickly sub-story that would push the lonelier gamer into a pit of self-despair.

That’s what I got, though.

Starfield Ladles It On Far Too Thick

I’ll be honest and very upfront – I have never, ever played a game where the romance and the emotion are portrayed in such an ‘on-your-sleeve’ manner. As I cosied up with Sarah Morgan, we went from being mutual explorers to friends and then from allies to unbreakable, unrelenting, and undeniable lovers, forever intertwined and bound together by destiny, fate, and the mysterious workings of the universe.

And boy, does Starfield go to extreme lengths to make that relationship known. From changing how Morgan acted around me, making her quips and greetings much softer and genuine, to giving me the opportunity to fully accept her hand in marriage in what I have to stress is the most lovey-dovey ceremony I’ve ever seen in a game. I mean, I got to pick my vows, and profess my undying love, and at the same time, Morgan was in tears, admitting that I had changed the course of her entire life down to a molecular level.

It was intense.

It doesn’t end there – at any point, I can chat with Sarah, offer her a romantic line or two, check how our relationship is going, and explore the universe with her, hand-in-hand and bursting at the seams with love. I mean – from the moment I decided I’d land the achievement with Sarah Morgan, it became an epic journey of breaking through her hard exterior and accessing that warmth within, and slowly but surely, she developed feelings that – no word of a lie – seemed so genuine.

It’s a credit to her voice actor, Emily O’Brien.

Have you picked up the Starcrossed achievement yet in Starfield?

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