Find Out When Starfield Is Releasing For You

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Bethesda Game Studios has been all too kind and dropped a nice infographic that reveals exactly when Starfield will be released around the world – both early access and the global launch. This graphic was dropped in a blog post that also reiterated the demanding recommended and minimum specifications required to run the game on PC, and it summarised what’s going to be made available in the game’s special editions.

When Will Starfield Go Live?

It hardly seems believable that next week we’re finally going to get access to Starfield – after all this time, it’s finally ready to be released, and the gaming world is excited.

Here are the release timings for Starfield around the world:

For those getting the game on an early access vibe – so, the Premium Edition (and some lucky Constellation Edition) owners will get a headstart on the global launch by a period of five days.

So, if you’re on the West Coast, for example, you’ll be able to play Starfield from 17:00 on the 31st of August. If you’re in the United Kingdom, it’s 01:00 on the 1st of September.

For those that haven’t pre-ordered the game under a special edition or are just waiting to pick up Starfield on the day – or through Game Pass – you’ll need to wait until the 5th of September (USA, Mexico, South America, or the 6th of September (ROW).

Are you excited about Starfield finally being released?

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