There’s a Starfield Cockpit Gaming Chair, And You Could Own It

starfield cockpit chair

It must be the most impressive gaming chair collaboration to ever exist. Right now, players attending Gamescom have the opportunity to witness in action a one-of-a-kind ‘Dream Chair’ – a ‘NASA punk’ gaming chair that’s the result of a collaboration between Microsoft and Tempur.

It’s a phenomenal piece of equipment, boasting a design that’s ripped straight from the game. It features joysticks that adjust the chair’s elements, a wide-screen display, and enough buttons and switches to make any spacecraft aficionado weak at the knees. It’s on tour at the moment, and in the coming months, it’ll be moved from Gamescom to a store in Cologne, and then it’ll fly to the UK to sit in a shopping centre for a while.

Oh, and you could own it.

How Can You Get The Starfield Cockpit Chair?

Towards the end of 2023, Tempur and Microsoft will be hosting a once-chance-only charity raffle for the Starfield cockpit chair, with one lucky winner making a sizeable donation to charity and securing this hyper-limited edition piece of kit.

It hasn’t been made clear exactly how much the chair is worth, but given that it’s one-of-a-kind and it looks absolutely phenomenal, it can be argued that it’s priceless.

Would you like a chance at winning the Starfield cockpit gaming chair?

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