Fallout TV Show Set in LA, Releases 2024

fallout tv show

It was revealed just hours ago by Amazon that the upcoming Fallout TV show – which has been in production for a couple of years – will be set in Los Angeles, a location steeped in Fallout lore. It was also revealed – or perhaps reiterated – that the show will be released at some point in 2024. That was more or less a given, as it was weeks ago that production wrapped on the project.

For months, images have been leaking far and wide from across the project, showcasing outfits, locations, set pieces, and even story elements, but for the most part, nobody really knows what the Fallout TV show is all about.

Fallout TV Show, Coming 2024

For fans of the legendary post-apocalyptic franchise, the Fallout TV show is a dangerous thing – it could either be a dumpster fire of a project or a faithful, perfectly executed series that expands the Fallout universe with immeasurable poise and depth.

It has a fairly decent cast, some solid writers, and reportedly, Bethesda Game Studios partnered tirelessly with producers at Amazon to ensure everything was recreated as accurately as possible, right down to the signs and symbols of the series’ many brands and labels.

On Twitter, Amazon’s Prime Video channel revealed new key art for the show, confirming that it’s going to be set in Los Angeles. It was already more or less known that the Fallout TV show would be taking place in close proximity to California, as leaks revealed traces of the New California Republic, one of the most iconic factions in Fallout history.

It has now been confirmed, though – and we’re one step closer to the full release.

Are you excited for the Fallout TV show?

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