AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode To Launch This Week

AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede

The next major update to AEW Fight Forever, the wrestling company’s first console game, is coming this week. The company announced via social media that the Stadium Stampede mode in AEW Fight Forever will be available on Thursday, August 24.

The free release of the mode comes in junction with the company’s All In show at Wembley Stadium in London on Sunday, August 27. At that show, there will also be a Stadium Stampede match taking place.

Stadium Stampede is a new take on popular Battle Royale modes that sees players join with up to 29 others online fighting throughout a football stadium to be the last wrestler standing. The mode will have every in-game weapon available for players including a t-shirt cannon. Players will even be able to ride around on a horse.

The mode is an online-only mode, which could pose a problem for players. Despite originally being advertised as having it, AEW Fight Forever doesn’t support crossplay, meaning you can only play the game online with those on the same platform. And while numbers for the console versions of the game aren’t available, PC players may have a difficult time finding others to play with. As of writing, the game’s peak users on PC are just 36 people.

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