Details On The Next No Man’s Sky Echoes Update

No Man's Sky Echoes Update

Seven years after its launch, No Man’s Sky continues to grow and now there are new details about the next update for the game, No Man’s Sky Echoes.

This new update will see the introduction of a new race of robots for players. These new robots are a “long-hidden race” that will have what developer Hello Games says is “rich new story content”. Players will be able to earn robotic parts as they play in order to build their own robot. These parts are earned by completing various assignments and “rituals”.

Aside from the robots, the No Man’s Sky Echoes update features new Pirate freighters that will have players take part in new space battles.

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Another addition to the game is a new staff that can be built using scavenged parts you find on your journey. The staff, once built, will allow you to improve both your fighting and mining. As you use the new staff, you will be able to level it up in order to change and improve staff functionality.

Lastly, Hello Games has improved various issues with the game’s rendering and overall stability. According to the studio, the Nintendo Switch and PSVR 2 versions of the game will see substantial quality booses.

No Man’s Sky Echoes will launch on August 24 across all available platforms. Insider Gaming will have more on the update when it’s fully revealed by Hello Games.

What do you think of the No Man’s Sky Echoes update based on the details we have so far? For more Insider Gaming, check out the brand new story trailer for Alan Wake 2.