Starfield’s Numbers Surge in Early Access


Starfield has already enjoyed huge numbers on streaming and gaming platforms since launching for early-access users on September 1st. It isn’t launching globally until the 6th of September, and it has already secured a peak concurrent player count on Steam of almost 250,000 users, and on Twitch, it effortlessly coasted past 500,000 concurrent viewers.

That’s a remarkable figure when you consider that, to get early access to the game on Steam, users will have had to pay the $100 required to get the Premium Edition, marking impressive potential sales for Bethesda Game Studios.

Things Can Only Get Better

Those numbers are strong, but it’s important to bear in mind that the game’s full release will take place on September 6th, and that’s when it becomes free to play with a Game Pass subscription, too. It’s expected that numbers will swell to epic proportions as millions of players log in to explore Bethesda Game Studios’ most ambitious RPG ever created.

On Steam, Starfield peaked at 234,000 users, and on Twitch, viewership rocketed up to 552,021 users.

In social circles, there is talk of Starfield having mixed reviews, but for the most part, there’s a sense of backlash against some of those ‘harsher’ ratings, simply because the community at large feels they’re wrongly placed and that Starfield truly is a fantastic title.

From my personal perspective, I’ve already fallen head over heels in love with Starfield, and aside from a few minor bugs and a displeasure at the less-than-intelligent NPCs, it’s a near-perfect game for me.

Are you already playing Starfield or are you waiting for the global release on September 6th?

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