Starfield Will ‘Incentivise’ New Game+ Over and Over Again

starfield new game plus

In an enormous interview with GQ, Todd Howard and Emil Pagliarulo revealed a few key points about Starfield – again. They spoke at length about the inspiration for Starfield which was kickstarted back in the 1990s, stating that if they didn’t ultimately focus their attention on the project when they did, they’d ‘probably never do it.’

However, one key takeaway from the interview was the mention of New Game+, which is reportedly being done very differently in Starfield.

Starfield Has New Game+

Starfield does have New Game+, but it’s reportedly incentivised in such a way that it makes the player want to experience it over and over again. That’s what was said in the interview with GQ that was comprised of several thousand words of Todd Howard-fuelled action and revelation.

It (Starfield’s choice system) gives you the flexibility and options to carve out a unique identity, and even adds a unique and exciting twist on New Game+ to incentivise continued and repeat play.

It’s not yet known what that means, but if there’s one thing Bethesda Game Studios does well, it’s replayability. I can’t honestly tell you the number of times I’ve booted a fresh playthrough of Fallout 3 or Fallout 4 – so it’s super exciting to know that Starfield will facilitate those habits with an honest mode designed specifically to accommodate them.

Does Starfield’s New Game+ have you hyped?

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