Escape From Tarkov Arena Pre-Orders Are Live Now

escape from tarkov arena

Battlestate Games has revealed that Escape From Tarkov Arena pre-orders are live now – but there’s no confirmed release date for the standalone product. Over the last few months, plenty of information regarding BSG’s new competitive shooter has surfaced, but now we know more than ever – including the fact that character progress will be shared between Escape From Tarkov AND Arena.

For those that own the Edge of Darkness edition of Escape From Tarkov, ownership of Escape From Tarkov Arena is already secured – but you’ll still need to follow the pre-order process to secure the benefits for when the product inevitably goes live. If you don’t own ‘EOD’, you’ll need to pay around $40 or £32 to secure your Escape From Tarkov Arena pre-order.

Maps, Modes, and Mechanics

Thanks to the new Escape From Tarkov Arena pre-order site, we now know even more details than ever before about the game. For instance, the starting mapset has been locked in and includes:

  • Sawmill (Woods)
  • Bay5 (Customs)
  • Air Pit (Airport)
  • Equator (Interchange-like)

There are three maps yet to be revealed.

We also have our confirmed line-up of modes:

  • Shootout (Round-robin tournament)
  • Teamfight (Best-of-seven team deathmatch)
  • Overrun (Survival-objective mode featuring waves of enemies)
  • Last Hero (Free-for-all)

And there’s also ‘Duel’, which won’t be available at launch.

Battlestate Games also reiterated the ‘classes’ that will be available for selection at the start of each round.

  • Assault
  • CQB
  • Scout
  • Sniper

Progress will be shared between your PMC in Escape From Tarkov and your character in Escape From Tarkov Arena, which likely means you can level up your Escape From Tarkov character without ever stepping foot in a single extraction-based raid.

Finally, it was stressed that Arena will feature a huge arsenal, ranked and unranked play, and unique gear sets – which may open the door to microtransactions and cosmetics.

Are you excited about Escape From Tarkov Arena?

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  1. Why would I be excited for arena?

    Been playing since basically the start of open beta.

    I’ll just get head, eyes/head, jaw in a purely pvp setting with the spike of cheaters.

    I love the game. It’s why I have played for so long and the changes and improvements they have made are great.

    I understand they are trying their best against the cheaters and there isn’t a solid answer for it but it’s hard when I lose high grade kits to some guy flying in the air or someone tracking me through walls.

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