Don’t Expect An Xbox Series X or S Price Cut

Xbox Series X Price

If you’ve been holding off on finally getting an Xbox Series X|S because you are waiting for the price to drop a little bit, you may not want to get your hopes up. In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Xbox head Phil Spencer says fans shouldn’t expect to see a price cut on either the Xbox Series X or S.

“The prices aren’t coming down,” he told the outlet. “We see it now, and that’s why we did Xbox Series S. I know there’s a bunch of questions like, ‘what is it doing?’ We wanted to make sure we had a sub-$300 console because we want to grow, and we think an entry level price point for many new families or players coming into the market is going to be important.”

Spencer continued to say that while the company is focused on getting its console into the hands of more players, they have to be smart about things. They can’t just undercut prices in order to make sure more people buy the systems.

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“For us, thinking about where our hardware is going and reaching more customers, price point is important,” Spencer said. “But you’re not going to be able to start with a console that’s $500 thinking it’s gonna get to 200 bucks. That won’t happen. Because the core components that you use – you’re used to Moore’s Law shooting up and to the right – but your components… you can’t buy them anymore as a hardware maker because nobody’s making that kind of RAM or other components.

“It’s not the way it used to be where you could take a spec and then ride it out over 10 years and ride the price points down. It’s why you see console pricing relatively flat.”

What do you think of Phil Spencer saying that customers shouldn’t expect a price cut for the Xbox Series X or S? For more Insider Gaming, check out 14 minutes of gameplay that was leaked from Alan Wake 2.