Starfield New Game Plus Explained

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Starfield is an incredibly large game, especially if you complete all of the side missions available. Early estimates claim the main story will take approximately 17 hours while completing everything Starfield has to offer will take 189 hours. But all good things must come to an end, or does it? Starfield offers a New Game Plus which will allow you to continue your adventure and further your space exploration. Here is everything you need to know about New Game Plus including how to start it, the differences, and what to expect.

How to Start New Game Plus in Starfield

At the end of the game during the One Giant Leap mission, you will have the option to walk toward the Unity, which is the large orb in the center of the space you’re in. If you do you will enter New Game Plus in an alternate universe. However, if you choose to walk away from the Unity and go into the darkness then you will be able to continue playing in the main game.

It is worth noting that it isn’t officially a “New Game Plus” as the choice is part of the final mission and can’t be skipped. If you want to go into New Game Plus but want to make sure you’ve explored everything the main game has to offer, you can just delay completing this mission to continue to explore the main game. Then once you are ready complete this mission and go into the alternate universe.

What is Different in New Game Plus?

When you begin New Game Plus after walking toward the Unity, you will start the new in an alternate version of the universe, and be granted the Starborn Spacesuit Astra to wear, and the Starborn Guardian ship. The Starborn Spacesuit Astra is the best suit in the game and has maxed out environmental protection and damage resistance. Here are the stats for the Starborn Spacesuit Astra,

  • Physical Damage Resistance – 149
  • Energy Damage Resistance – 149
  • Electromagnetic Damage Resistance – 149
  • Thermal Environmental Resistance – 50
  • Airborne Environmental Resistance – 50
  • Corrosive Environmental Resistance – 50
  • Radiation Environmental Resistance – 50

To top it off, the suit is all in one, meaning it shows as one item in your inventory and only weighs 17.4, meaning you can carry more weapons and items before becoming encumbered. The Starborn Spacesuit Astra also features three perks,

  • Bolstering – Grants extra damage resistance as your health decreases.
  • Resource Hauler – Increases your weight limit.
  • Sentinel – Reduces damage taken while standing still.

If for some reason you want to sell the Starborn Spacesuit Astra, you can for 62,520 credits.

The Starborn Guardian ship isn’t the best ship in Starfield, but it is good enough to get you started on your new adventure. Unfortunately, the ship isn’t customizable but it does allow for five crew members, a 30-light-year jump distance thanks to its large fuel supply, and lets you carry 1,045 kg of cargo on board.

What Carries Over in New Game Plus?

When you start New Game Plus you don’t have to start completely from scratch, but you will lose a lot of your progress from the main universe. Your XP, level, powers, traits, skills, appearance, and backgrounds will all carry over, but all of your other progress will disappear.

When starting the New Game Plus portion of the game you will have the option to skip all of the main story missions, but all of the side missions will also be reset and able to be completed again. In addition to the missions resetting, you will also lose,

  • Factions
  • Relationships
  • Members of the Constellation
  • Exploration progress
  • Inventory
  • Weapons
  • Ships
  • Cargo
  • Money

Remember that the New Game Plus portion of the game is completely optional so if you don’t want to gain all of these again, or complete all of the missions, you can just stay in your fully explored main universe.