Starfield Drove More Subscribers to Game Pass Than Ever Before

starfield game pass

In a recent financial update, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, revealed something about Starfield that we maybe could have worked out for ourselves – but getting confirmation of it from the top of the firm is still impressive. It was stated that Starfield generated so many Game Pass sign-ups when it launched that it became the highest single-day add of subscribers to the service ever.

It has been operational for more than six years – and in that time, no other game has come close to driving this many players to the service.

Now That’s Growth

Recently, it was revealed that Xbox is on a massive upswing, and a financial report published just one day ago showed that, amidst quarter-on-quarter revenue growth of 13%, ‘Xbox Gaming’ experienced the best first quarter on record. There was a drop in hardware sales, but the software is where it counted for Microsoft this time around.

As subscription services arc ever upward in the popularity stakes, Game Pass will likely continue to grow. It’s a popular enough service at present, but all the day-one offerings that Xbox pumps into Game Pass continue to impress gamers the world over. It’s great value for money, and that’s shown by the recent player milestones Starfield has hit.

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