Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Gets ‘Mostly Negative’ Reviews on Steam

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been bombarded with negative reviews on Steam and has already reached the ‘mostly negative’ rating. The main reason behind the poor ratings is due to the game’s poor optimization and bugs.

As of the time of writing, 1400 people have left a review on Steam. One review said, “Game is extremely fun but performs terribly. I’m using a 3090 FE and 5700x and getting a consistent 30 fps in some areas. Other areas give me a mostly consistent 45. This is at 1440p. Lowering the settings and using FSR don’t make a tiny bit of difference. And it goes up to like 19 GB of VRAM. It’s a rad game but definitely wait unless you have 24 GB of VRAM and don’t mind playing games at 30 fps.”

Another person said, “Running an RTX 4080, Ryzen 5950X and 32GB of RAM and I’m averaging 45fps. Fantastic.”

PC isn’t the only platform apparently having issues either, with countless people on Twitter speaking out on the poor optimization.

Content creator @LegacyKillaHD spoke of the problems he was facing on Twitter, stating that he’s experiencing “Constant FPS Drops. Scenes are glitching out & repeating. Textures not loading properly.”

I’ve personally only played the first hour on PlayStation 5 and for whatever reason have suffered from terrible performance issues. As in yesterday’s report by Jason Schreier, Respawn had said that Star Wars Jeji: Survivor was made in “record time”. And well, from an optimization perspective, it shows.

How do you rate Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? Are the reviews accurate?

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