Sony Achieves Biggest Q1 In Console History Shipping 6.3 Million PS5s

PlayStation showcase

Sony has reported that the company has sold 6.3 million PS5 units in Q1 2023, making it the most-sold console in history for the Q1 period.

Sony had first placed its estimations at 5.2 million units but later raised its estimates to 6.2 million units following its ability to solve the supply constraint issues. The 6.3 million sold in Q1 2023 now puts the total amount of PlayStations 5’s sold at 38.3 million.

During the earnings call, it was said that the company is aiming for an even better year for Fiscal Year 23 at 25 million units sold – The highest ever for any PlayStation console. The number is high, but according to our own reports is about 20% smaller than what the company was aiming for at one point. Internal documents provided to Insider Gaming under anonymity show that the company was aiming for 30.5 million units in FY23.

If Sony’s new prediction can be achieved, however, it will put the total of PlayStation 5 units sold to 63.4 million by March 31, 2024.

As for how Sony will hit such a huge number remains to be seen, but Insider Gaming understands the company has a huge plethora of announcements to be made in the coming months. One announced is assumed to be the new PlayStation 5 sporting a detachable disc drive – Which is a means of reducing production and shipping costs. In addition, it’s also understood that the company is aiming to get itself into the handheld console market again, be that a little bit differently from before.

It’s understood that the new Q Lite console will be an accessory to the PlayStation 5 using Remote Play. Insider Gaming now understands that the Q Lite prototype is already in the hands of employees at Sony, so presumably full production will be underway soon.

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