Bungie Win $12 Million Lawsuit Against Destiny 2 Cheat-Seller

Bungie Releases Official Statement After Staff Layoffs

Bungie has been awarded $12 million dollars in court after filing a lawsuit against a Destiny 2 cheat-seller as reported by TheGamePost.

This marks the Destiny developer’s third legal victory over cheat sellers since it began a total crackdown against those disrupting the player experience in 2021. Romanian seller Mihai Claudiu-Florentin developed and profited from infamous VeteranCheats which gave players unfair advantages like the ability to see through walls and far steadier aiming mechanics.

Claudiu-Florentin charged players $2000 dollars for the code which was downloaded a total of 5,848 times before being hit with a claim of copyright infringement. The lawsuit also claimed that Florentin violated the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, breach of contract, intentional interference of contractual relations and lay down a further accusation of violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act.

Bungie made the case that VeteranCheats harmed the Destiny 2 experience for legitimate players. According to court documents, the developer “spent a minimum of $200,000 on game security and staffing” to combat VeteranCheats and uphold a fair experience.

The judge found in Bungie’s favor on all claims with the exception of the CPA. A permanent injunction has also been placed on Claudiu-Florentin which prevents him from engaging in “future or further conduct that form the basis of its Copyright Act and DMCA claims in this action.”

Bungie won a similar lawsuit last year against Elite Boss Tech which resulted in the website paying out $12.5 million. The developer also sued Destiny 2 player Luka Leone for using cheats on a stream and harassing employees, a further lawsuit is in progress against Lavicheats owner Kunal Bansal who has since stopped advertising Destiny 2 cheats.

Are you happy to see Bungie cracking down on cheat-sellers?

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