Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 to Launch in April

Insider Gaming sources have said that this year’s Destiny 2 Guardian Games event will launch in April 2023.

The exact date of the event was given as April 18th, 2023, which will be halfway through Destiny 2 Season 20.

In addition to the Guardian Games 2023 date, sources were able to also provide the release date of Destiny 2 Season 21, which will launch May 23, 2023.

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games event is a special event that typically lasts for three weeks. Guardians compete in order to see which class will reign supreme. The winning team will have bragging rights, as well as a commemorative statue on display in the Tower for the entire year.

The goal of previous Guardian Games events is to earn medallions and turn them into your class’ podium in the middle of the Tower. There have been four different medals previously:

  • Bronze: 1 point
  • Silver: 2 points
  • Gold: 5 points
  • Platinum: 15 points

It’s unclear if the 2023 event will follow the same rules and tribulations as its predecessors, but you can check out the official Bungie blog post on the 2022 event to get yourself acquainted with what the event entails.

As mentioned in the blog, “players can earn medallions from Triumphs, Contender Cards, and activity completions. Medallions are stored in the Medallion Case found in the Quest inventory. Turning Medallions into the Tower Podium will increase your team’s score.”

As with previous Destiny 2 Guardian Games events, it’s likely that on the Friday of each week, the Ceremony event will become live in the Tower. 

Points accumulated by each class during the week will determine the winner of each week’s Ceremony event. Players will receive rewards and a Laurel Crown glow that is active when in the Tower, which will remain until the next Ceremony event or until Guardian Games ends. 

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