Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Director Refused Another Delay

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Director Refused Another Delay

When Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launched on April 28, it was met with some backlash over its performance on PC. From frame rate drops to stuttering and more, many with even the most powerful machines saw problems. It lead to questions about why the game wasn’t pushed back to sort out those issues. If you look back, however, there was an opportunity to delay the game further, one that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor game director Stig Asmussen refused.

In an interview with IGN back in March, Asmussen was asked how the team at Respawn Entertainment settled on the April 28 launch date after numerous delays, including one from March 17, 2023. He told the outlet that the team was asked how much time they needed, and they settled on six weeks.

“That was exactly April 28,” Asmussen said. “That’s no joke.”

Asmussen added that the team “stress-tested” the date. That included looking at other games releasing around the same time — Redfall and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are two that immediately come to mind — and finding what Respawn and EA believed to be a good spot to fit in.

“There was an option of do we want to extend it a little bit longer, but no we said no we can get it done in six weeks,” he said.

Have PC Issues Hampered Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Sales?

Despite the issues at launch, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor still became the second-biggest Star Wars launch on Steam. It showed that the team still had a game players wanted to enjoy, and were willing to look past issues with the hope of fixes from Respawn.

That said, Respawn has made it known that the issues for PC players are actively being addressed.

“While there is no single, comprehensive solution for PC performance, the team has been working on fixes we believe will improve performance across a spectrum of configurations,” the company said in a statement on launch day. “We are committed to fixing these issues as soon as possible, but each patch requires significant testing to ensure we don’t introduce new problems.”

Do you think Star Wars Jedi: Survivor could have benefited from another delay?

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  1. I think anyone who PRE-ORDERED the game on PC should be refunded. If you buy if after release, you know what you’re getting into so that’s on you.
    If this pattern of release-now-fix-later continues, these studios will find that people will stop pre-orders and play the wait-and-see game.

  2. I absolutely would have bought the game if they had delayed it, and release a finished game that ran correctly. 30fps on consoles is disgustingly pathetic. Also, if the could please choke and die on denuvo, I would appreciate it. I would have bought this game, but they decided to make the pirated copy run better. Trash company.

  3. I’m tired of articles like this, Respawn and others acting like these issues are only on PC. This game is every bit as much of a mess on PS5 (and Xbox from what I’ve seen). Really even more so, since we can’t tweak as many settings to try and configure the game.

  4. I think the game was too short. I beat it in a weekend. Spent too much money im a game that didn’t even allow me to get the bad guys light sabers.

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