Spider-Man 2 To Launch Fall 2023, It’s Claimed

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In recent days, fans of the beloved Spider-Man franchise have been desperately scouring the net for any information possible regarding Spider-Man 2. It has already been four years since Spider-Man launched on PlayStation 4, and while Miles Morales’ adventure plugged the gap, superhero-fanatic gamers are eagerly awaiting the next instalment of the franchise.

Now, it seems as though they’ve got something of a rough date to work with, as it was recently discovered that a writer on the Insomniac team had listed a release period on her personal portfolio website. In the space of just a few words, this writer may have given away one of the best-kept secrets in gaming right now.

Apparently, He Does Whatever a Spider Can

Spider-Man was a critically acclaimed title, adored by all and universally accepted as being one of the greatest superhero games to ever be released. It was expanded on with Miles Morales’ standalone game, but that wasn’t enough – fans are expecting much more from the franchise and, of course, from Spider-Man 2.

Mere hours ago, it was discovered (by @SpiderMan3news on Twitter) that a writer working on the Insomniac team driving Spider-Man 2 forward had potentially slipped up, revealing the launch period for the game. On the personal profile for this particular writer, it was stated that she is:

Currently on the writing team for the upcoming Spider-Man 2 (release fall 2023) and Wolverine gameS (release TBD) for Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive

Jamie Mayer, obtained from jamiemayer.com

Almost immediately after this was discovered, Mayer’s website was updated, changing the text to simply read ‘Spider-Man 2 (2023)’. If there’s one thing we know about rumours and leaks, it’s that when they’re addressed that quickly, they’re almost always meaningful.

The original text from Mayer’s website, reportedly captured by @SpiderMan3news on Twitter.

Recently, we covered the news that the PlayStation store had opened up a wishlist option for Spider-Man 2, before promptly removing it again – surprise, surprise!

There are high expectations that Spider-Man 2 will be revealed in full very soon, and that that reveal will almost certainly include a release date and not just a vague window. It’s almost certainly going to be another incredible adventure for Spidey, and we’re all sitting on the edges of our seats with anticipation.

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