Spider-Man 2 Will Require ‘A Minimum’ of 98 GB of Storage

complete spider man 2

It’s time to clear out your PlayStation 5’s SSD – it has been confirmed that Spider-Man 2 will require a minimum of 98 GB of free space to install when it releases on October 20th, 2023. It’s not the biggest game by any means, but it dwarfs the original file size for 2018’s Spider-Man (45 GB).

Even the PlayStation 5 release of Spider-Man only climbed up to around 71 GB, and the most recent release – Miles Morales – hit around 54 GB.

Sizeable Neighbourhood Spider-Man

In a post on Twitter, one user – SpiderManCD – confirmed that the stat had been revealed on the back of the Spider-Man 2 Limited Edition Console Bundle retail box. That was essentially it, open and shut.

In recent weeks, news has slowed on the Spider-Man 2 front, and the most recent details to hit the airwaves were concerning the fact that Spider-Man 2 will let players slow down combat speed to make it more accessible. Since then, it has been all quiet on the Spidey scene, and fans are sitting back and eagerly awaiting the release of the game on October 20th.

Are you concerned about the size of Spider-Man 2? Will you need to clear a few games from your SSD?

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