Space Gears Is A Fight To Conquer Mars

Space Gears Is A Fight To Conquer Mars

A new real-time strategy (RTS) game called Space Gears is bringing you into a fight to conquer Mars.

“Space Gears takes the micromanaging out and allows you to prepare your resources and troops before the battle, so that when you’re deployed on the Martian surface, you can focus on commanding your troops and optimal strategy to win,” the game’s Steam page reads.

Set 100 years into the future, people don’t fight wars in a traditional sense. Rather, armies are built using various mechs that have different abilities. Everything done is with the goal of conquering Mars and molding it to your liking.

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In addition to mech combat, players will have to gather resources as well as construct their bases to best take out their enemies.

“Strategy and unit controls will be key to claiming victory,” developer Pentapeak Studios says.

There’s no set release date for Space Gears as of publishing. But the studio is holding a new demo from June 19-26 during Steam Next Fest.

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