Sony Set To Make Major Push Towards Cloud Gaming

New job listings suggest that Sony is well and truly gearing up for the second phase of PlayStation 5 with a renewed push toward cloud gaming.

The Verge’s Sean Hollister uncovered 22 vacancies on Sony’s job board which seem to confirm their intentions to introduce a new cloud gaming service. One such opening was for a director of product management for cloud gaming but has since been removed. However, there are several senior software engineer vacancies that are publicly available and encourage applicants to “lead the charge in cloud gaming”

Further corroborating the report from The Verge are the patents regularly being filed by Sony which contain references to cloud gaming and Mark Cerny who is best known for spearheading the development of both the PS4 and PS5. There’s a substantial gap in the market for Cloud Gaming following the demise of Google Stadia last year but many in the industry recognize the potential for the new platform including Microsoft which set up its own division for Cloud gaming last year.

We previously reported that a new handheld system was currently in development at Sony, the Q-Lite. While the handheld system will require constant access to the internet, from what we understand, this is only to be used in conjunction with PS5’s Remote Play feature which Sony has been pushing heavily in recent weeks.

Sony’s new efforts toward cloud gaming are a separate venture entirely at this point. Based on the fact that they’re still hiring, its fair to say that there new service is quite a ways away where as the Q-lite is set to release sometime next year before the release of the PS5 Pro. The console giant has a plethora of updates coming to PS5 and the next PlayStation Showcase is sure to be a game-changer.

Are you interested in a Sony cloud gaming service?

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