Sony And Koei Tecmo Joining Forces With Akatsuki For New Games

Atelier Resleriana Heroes

According to an official press release, Sony and Koei Tecmo own new shares in mobile game developer Akatsuki, with plans to collaborate on new games.

Akatsuki is best known for their work on mobile releases such as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.

The developers state their new business alliances should strengthen their “game development capabilities” and “overseas marketing skills”.

Atelier Resleriana Fishing

Akatsuki’s new press release also links to a PDF that reveals Sony will now own 9.87% of Akatsuki’s total issued shares, while Koei Tecmo will own 7.97%.

Akatsuki also emphasizes global marketing and expansion throughout. This includes multi-device titles, hinting at new games that will likely be larger and more accessible.

The developer also frequently refers to “live-ops games”, which developers support long-term. This offers a better idea of what players might expect in the future.

So, although some audiences may not be familiar with the long-running Atelier series, many players could recognize Akatsuki soon enough. Akatsuki is even “aiming to become Japan’s top game company”, according to the full PDF.

Koei Tecmo have published Atelier Resleriana, so today’s announcement isn’t a total surprise. Koei Tecmo is best known for publishing the Dead or Alive series, and Dynasty Warriors.

However, it’s clear that Akatsuki is also interested in developing totally new IP. So, the new alliances may not necessarily set up the next Dragon Ball game.

With the addition of Sony and Koei Tecmo, new titles could develop more efficiently and reach wider audiences.

Now that the new alliances are confirmed, fresh titles could be announced soon. The commencement of alliance agreements is January 9, 2024.

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