VALORANT’s First-Ever New Weapon Could Be Coming Soon

valorant new weapon

It has been suggested that the ‘Outlaw’, which is the first new weapon to land in Riot Games’ VALORANT since the game was released in 2020, could be landing in the game a lot sooner than many originally thought. In a recent leak, the weapon was revealed to be a sniper rifle that sits between the Marshal and the Operator on the cost spectrum, and it boasts abilities similar to the Shorty.

However, in a more recent update, it has been surmised that this weapon will arrive in Episode 8, which is due to begin on January 10, 2024.

Three Years Later

It has taken Riot Games more than three years to add a new weapon to VALORANT, but that’s not a strange concept. This is a game that’s more focused on its ‘Agents’ than it is on its weapons, with each Agent boasting unique abilities and powers that drive much of the game’s pacing. For the most part, the same weapons tend to be used by players regardless of whether they’re newcomers to the competitive title or pro players wrapped up in VALORANT’s esports scene.

In the recent leak, it was suggested that the new VALORANT weapon, the Outlaw, will be priced at 2,400 credits. That puts it smack dab in between the lesser-used Marshal (950) and the powerful Operator (4,700).

In some discussions, it has been claimed that the Outlaw will kill ‘half-armoured’ enemies in a single shot, and it can fire two shots at once, which means that if both hit, it’ll do around 140 body damage, making it formidable enough.

Will you be trying out the Outlaw when it’s added to VALORANT?

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