Sons of the Forest’s Fifth Patch Continues To Better The Game

sons of the forest

Since releasing in Early Access toward the end of February, Sons of the Forest has only improved over time, with developer Endnight plugging the game with periodic updates that expand and enhance the relatively horrifying fight for survival found in the game.

Recently, the game’s fifth update was released on Steam, and it’s a sizeable patch that brings a lot of new content, changes, and amendments to the platform.

Things Can Only Get Better

When it was released, Sons of the Forest became an instant smash hit. It went from being the most wishlisted game on Steam to selling two million copies inside of a 24-hour window. Not only that, but its peak concurrent player count on Steam came close to beating that of Grand Theft Auto 5, and with almost one million concurrent viewers on Twitch, it dominated the streaming platform for a couple of days.

Since then, the game’s numbers have dropped off considerably, but that’s to be expected. As time goes on, more players will disconnect, and more will discover Sons of the Forest for the first time and fall in love – that’s how the lifecycle of a game works.

In the most recent patch for Sons of the Forest – the fifth since the game was released in February – a whole host of new content has been added, and dozens of tweaks have been made. Here are some of the highlights from the current Sons of the Forest update, which is available to download and install now:

  • Log Sled is now available to craft
  • Trees now regrow when you sleep
  • Cooking system enhanced and cooking pots added
  • Tarps can be added to log structures
  • Sail boats can now be found beached around the edges of the map
  • Guitar can now be played
  • New Kelvin commands added

Along with the new content added to the game, there was a huge list of fixes applied that addressed the behaviour of cannibals (all types), as well as the nature of animals and how they interact with the player. Endnight also made improvements to audio, lighting, and certain locations, such as the bunkers found dotted around the map.

Most importantly, this Sons of the Forest update ensures that players can no longer drink lava. Because that’s important – it’s bad for you.

For the full set of patch notes, click this link.

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