Sons of the Forest Will Now Release In Early Access

sons of the forest

Endnight has made a change to the release window of Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated horror survival game due to launch this month. However, to avoid delaying the game – like so many other developers are doing at the moment – Endnight has decided to release Sons of the Forest in an Early Access state.

There’s still an intention to release Sons of the Forest on the originally-intended date – the 23rd of February – but it’ll be dropping in an ‘unfinished’ state. It’s Endnight’s desire to gather as much feedback as possible from the community in order to tackle bugs and issues head-on, rather than delaying the game in full.

Making It Better With You

It’s not a terrible prospect – after all, this now means that the dedicated community that will pick the game up in Early Access will be working to perfect the game as it ages. It’s launching exclusively on PC, and it’s a fair bet that there will be a vast portion of that community more than willing to effectively stress test the game as they explore it.

Recently, we covered a preview of Sons of the Forest that revealed key information about the game, such as its companion system. Reportedly, this game is much bigger than the first, both in terms of the map that’s there to explore and the scope of the game itself and all associated mechanics.

There’s no denying that The Forest, released in 2014, is a chilling game, and there are expectations that Sons of the Forest will improve on that notion massively, giving even the toughest gamer a run for their money in the horror department.

It’s not bad news that Sons of the Forest will now launch in an Early Access state. It’s either that or suffering another delay. In recent days, both Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part I on PC have announced delays lasting several weeks.

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  1. Good for them! This reminds me of the constant delays, Epic exclusivity, and all around aggravation that Voidtrain has brought about. Good to see Sons of the Forest isn’t following in their footsteps!

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