Sonic and Angry Birds Crossover Event Launches Across 5 Games

A Sonic and Angry Birds crossover event has launched across five different games, Sega and Rovio have announced.

The crossover event will happen in five different mobile games; Sonic Forces, Angry Birds 2, Sonic Dash, Angry Birds Dream Blast, and Angry Birds Friends. You can watch the official announcement trailer below:

In a press release it was announced, “Today, SEGA® and Rovio™ announced a groundbreaking crossover event that brings together two iconic gaming worlds – Sonic the Hedgehog™ and Angry Birds™. Starting today until March 21st, 2024, players can explore the franchise crossover in five mobile games, including Angry Birds 2™, Angry Birds Dream Blast™, Angry Birds Friends™, Sonic Forces™, and Sonic Dash on the App Store and Google Play.”

Sonic Forces

Angry Birds Limited-Time Event:
Team up with Sonic and Red to stop Dr. Eggman! Collect gold rings and power-ups to add points to your team’s score and beat Dr. Eggman to win amazing prizes. Collect character cards to unlock Red or Chuck as playable characters by racing against the new challenger Red, completing missions, and collecting free gifts.

Sonic Dash

Red and Chuck as Playable Characters:
Red and Chuck join Sonic Dash as playable characters. Collect legendary character cards to unlock them for free or purchase them in-store. Discover Angry Birds themed collectibles on the track to unlock exciting prizes.

Angry Birds 2

“Sonic Friends” Hat Event and themed “You’re Too Slow” Adventure:
Join feathery forces with Sonic and friends in a limited-time hat extravaganza! Collect special Sonic-themed “Sonic Friends” hats for your Angry Birds, harness their power boost, and topple the piggie defenses. Explore a themed “You’re Too Slow” adventure with exclusive levels accessible only to birds wearing the event’s corresponding hats. Hats can be acquired from the in-game “Tower of Fortune,” and an exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog spell awaits players.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Sonic’s Flash Race Event:
Join Sonic’s Flash Race event in Angry Birds Dream Blast to dash through 10 saga levels in record time and set the leaderboard on fire! Dreamy rewards await the top contenders.

Angry Birds Friends

Sonic Tournament:
Embark on an epic adventure against the treacherous Pigs Army with Sonic and Angry Birds Friends. Crush the nasty pigs, liberate captured animals, and enjoy 30 new Sonic-themed levels with recognizable locales and characters.

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