Songs of Conquest Leaves Early Access May 20

Songs of Conquest

Developer Lavapotion and publisher Coffee Stain have announced that Songs of Conquest is leaving early access on May 20. The 1.0 release will also see the launch of the final Barya campaign that wraps up the game’s story.

“The development journey leading up to this moment has been nothing short of incredible, and we owe it all to you, our amazing community,” Lavapotion said in a post on Steam. “Sharing this news with you guys feels long overdue, but we’ve always had high ambitions for the game, and we didn’t want to release 1.0 until we felt the game was in really good shape! But finally, that time has come!”

As far as what’s to come after the release of version 1.0, Lavapotion says that more will be coming for the game.

“We are finalizing plans for more content, updates, and general improvements as we post this very news,” they said. “We’ll keep you posted on a weekly basis as we are gearing up for the full release and you should expect more exciting news in the near future.”

Songs of Conquest is available via Steam and is Steam Deck verified.

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