Ubisoft Reveals Plans for Skull & Bones Season Two

skull and bones

Do you remember Skull & Bones? It’s that pirate-themed game from Ubisoft that was released on February 13 following approximately 178 delays that made it seem as though the game would never see the light of day. When it was finally released, Skull & Bones failed to take the gaming world by storm, and it was revealed that the player count was struggling somewhat shortly after launch.

Despite that, Ubisoft has remained optimistic, and off the back of a ‘tremendous community response’, the developer has outlined the plans for the game’s impending second season.

Skull & Bones Staying Afloat

There’s almost nothing memorable about Skull & Bones, but there’s a dedicated community holding up the game on a shaky set of shoulders – and that’s all that matters. For that community, Ubisoft is preparing a plethora of tweaks, changes, and additions for the second season of the game.

In a post on the Ubisoft blog, it was revealed that a platform-wide ‘soft reset’ will take place as season two is deployed. This will include resetting Pieces of Eight, manufactories, and territories for almost every player. This is a balancing effort but it’ll also encourage players to get back out there and start building up again.

Here’s what Ubisoft is bringing to Skull & Bones in season two:

  • Ship Upgrades
  • Fleet Management
  • Helm Leases
  • New PvE & Solo Game Modes
  • Balancing Manufactories

It was noted that there would also be a fresh boss fight, a new and terrifying sea monster to battle, a brand-new ship, and a slew of weapons, armour, and furniture. That’s plenty for players to sink their cutlasses into, but more updates will be shared regarding the second season soon.

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