Manor Lords Sells Two Million Copies in Three Weeks

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Manor Lords has well and truly taken the gaming world by storm. Before being released on April 26, Manor Lords set the record for being the most wishlisted game on Steam, finding a spot on more than 3.2 million lists worldwide. Within a single day, Manor Lords sold one million copies, and now, less than three weeks later, the game has ticked over the two million mark.

Just The Beginning

Manor Lords is a monumental success, created by a solo developer and being built over several years. It came to be backed by Hooded Horse, a publisher specialising in strategy games, and that’s where the marketing magic began. Before long, Manor Lords was shaping up as one of the most innovative and highly-anticipated titles on Steam – and eventually on other platforms.

It was released on Game Pass when it dropped on April 26, which boosted the game’s profile to no end. In a statement, the CEO of Hooded Horse, Tim Bender, praised the game’s success:

It’s been wonderful to see so many players give Manor Lords a try. We had some pretty optimistic expectations and even some wild hopes, but reaching two million copies on Manor Lords so quickly has exceeded even those.

According to information released by Hooded Horse, Manor Lords boasts a conversation rate of a whopping 26 percent. That’s a solid number, and the game is still a hit – it might have slipped down the top sellers list on Steam, but it’ll be a long time before it disappears entirely, especially with the plans that are in the pipeline to continually develop the game over time.

Have you given Manor Lords a try yet?

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