Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated in South Korea

After what seems like never-ending rumors, there’s some official news on a Silent Hill game. Silent Hill: The Short Message was rated by the Korean committee on Monday.

The publisher of the game is UNIANA, which regularly publishes games for Konami in Korea. UNINANA recently published the free-to-play title eFootball 2023.

It’s claimed by various insiders, including VGC, that Blooper Team could be working on a new Silent Hill game. Other rumors suggest that the franchise currently has several titles in development.

In February 2021, Bloober Team said that the studio is working on an existing IP from a “famous gaming publisher”.

Although not confirmed, the Korean rating could be related to one of these supposed projects.

The name of “The Short Message” is of significance, as a previous rumor suggested that a Silent Hill game by Hideo Kojima would send real-life text messages to players.

Earlier this year, alleged screenshots from a Silent Hill project hit twitter from Capcom insider Dusk Golem. The four screenshots were said to be from an unannounced Silent Hill game that was said to be from a 2020 build.

All of these screenshots were DMCA’d and although the DMCA’s do not prove the claims as to what exactly the images are, it does suggest they are real.

In the leak, Dusk Gollum mentioned two characters “Anita & Maya” as well as “SMS Messages” which could be an indication of the Kojima project discussed above.

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