Starfield: Shattered Space DLC Gets a New Trailer

shattered space

Starfield was released in September 2023 to a mixed reception. Following more than a decade of development, Starfield – which was poised to be one of the best games ever made – failed to hit the mark with many fans worldwide, but that hasn’t stopped Bethesda Game Studios from pouring updates into the ecosystem of this epic space-faring RPG.

For months, fans have eagerly awaited news of the game’s first major expansion: Shattered Space. It has been on the cards since before Starfield was even released, but it’s only now that Bethesda has given the major piece of DLC a solid trailer – but there’s no release date.

Shattered Space is Coming

During the recent Xbox Games Showcase, it was confirmed that Shattered Space is coming to Starfield in 2024 – but no date more specific than that was given.

As we thought, the DLC is centred around House Va’ruun and The Great Serpent, with players being transported to mystical, cult-themed worlds in search of the origin of a mystery that’ll challenge the very foundation of the universe.

Here’s the new trailer for Shattered Space:

It was also revealed that more content is coming to Starfield TODAY, including Creation Club content and expanded bounty hunter missions, amongst other things.

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