Shadow Warrior 3 To Be Added to Game Pass, It’s Claimed

shadow warrior 3

It was revealed through the Xbox Game Pass app (and discussed on Reddit) that Shadow Warrior 3 will be making a surprise appearance on the platform in the very near future. In a notification, users were offered the opportunity to ‘take on the smart-mouthed action of Shadow Warrior 3 now’, but since that notification, the game hasn’t appeared on the platform.

This leads us to believe that, if it isn’t an error on Xbox’s part, the game will be added to Game Pass in the very near future. In this notification, which has been screen-captured and shared around, Stranded Deep was also referenced, and that game was added to Game Pass two days ago.

Was it merely an error, or will Shadow Warrior 3 appear in the Game Pass library very soon?

Slash and Shoot For Days

Shadow Warrior 3 launched in March 2022, and it enjoyed a somewhat positive reception despite not being anything groundbreaking. It’s a high-octane hack-and-slash adventure that pairs up versatile, agile movement mechanics with advanced, exciting combat to produce a game that’s entertaining if nothing else.

As a game reminiscent of old-school action movies, Shadow Warrior 3 is packed full of one-liners, quirky comments, and rather stereotypical portrayals of its characters.

On Reddit, where the potential leak was discussed, many users threw shade on Xbox’s apparent inability to even tell its users what’s coming next. For a long while, the Xbox Game Pass team was consistent in informing its users of what games were being added or removed from the popular subscription service.

This month (because they usually do it on the first Tuesday of every month), they decided to not give anything away, for some reason. They did announce that, as a surprise, Stranded Deep would be added to the platform – which it was – but so far, there has been no mention of Shadow Warrior 3 making an appearance.

It could surface, it might not – but it’s a nice surprise if it does.

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