SecretLab Employee Faced Jail For Stealing $90,000 Worth of Chairs

secretlab employee

It has been revealed that a ‘senior operations associate’ working for SecretLab in Singapore faced 14 months in jail for ‘misappropriating’ more than 200 gaming chairs with a value of around $87,000. It was reported that Gabriel Chan Guo Rong had made around S$40,000 from the sales of the stolen chairs, which he and his associate were listing on Carousell, a second-hand selling marketplace.

Take a Seat

In a report published by Channel News Asia, it was revealed just how Chan had misappropriated so many chairs. He was responsible for delivery schedules and the distribution of SecretLab chairs, and hand-in-hand with Tan Zheng Qiang, he would post the listings on Carousell, picking them up surreptitiously from the warehouse ‘when nobody was around’ and then Tan would deliver the chairs directly to the customers.

This spree took place between 2018 and 2019, but it’s only now that Chan has faced sentencing. He was long since dismissed from the company, but the prosecution still sought more than a year in jail for Chan as a result of his heinous, premeditated actions.

However, thanks to Chan pleading guilty in court and SecretLab agreeing to a restitution plan that would see him paying back S$300 a month until late 2025, Chan managed to avoid prison time. His accomplice, Tan Zheng Qiang, awaits sentencing.

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