Sea of Stars Hits 5 Million Players, New Co-Op Mode Revealed

In a new press release, developer Sabotage Studio announced that indie darling Sea of Stars has crossed 5 million players.

Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG that first launched in August 2023. It later won Best Independent Game at The Game Awards 2023. It won over major competition including Cocoon, Dave the Diver, Viewfinder, and Dredge.

In celebration of the new player count milestone, Sabotage Studio also revealed an upcoming mode. A new 3-player couch co-op mode is currently in development.

Although the devs did not confirm a release window, they did say that “more details are set to be released soon”. For now, players also got a look at the upcoming mode in a very brief teaser.

Sea of Stars didn’t make the massive splash that recent indie games like Palworld have. Palworld reached 25 million players just one month after launching, and it broke a variety of records.

However, Sea of Stars is still heaped with praise, and maintains “Very Positive” Steam reviews well after launch. Players enjoy its retro charm, freedom of movement, and worldbuilding.

The devs dub their new 3-player co-op mode “Single Player+”. In the new mode, “each player will engage in traversal and combat with a new ‘Co-op timed hits’ mechanic”.

This implies that with more players on the screen at once, the devs are encouraging teamwork in Sea of Stars. It sounds like players will need to coordinate their attacks, either to land them or increase damage.

Sea of Stars is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus for some members.

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