Saints Row (2022) Sold 1.7 Million Units Before Volition’s Closure

saints row volition

According to a past employee at Volition, Saints Row (2022) sold around 1.7 million units total before the developer was shut down.

Spotted by Twitter user @bogorad222, Saints Row’s community and social media manager on LinkedIn revealed that the game sold 1.7 million units.

According to Embracer Groups 3rd quarter earnings call for 2022, Saints Row cost more than $100 million to develop. The game originally released for $70, which would have seen the studio gain a profit of 19 million dollars, however, soon after the games release, the sale price of the game was decreased likely in part to its poor reception.

The game received mixed to average reviews by critics and was slammed online by players due to the games mass amount of bugs and quantity. In November 2022, Embracer Group stated that Saints Row “did not meet the full expectations and left the fanbase partially polarized”, but financially “performed in line with management expectations in the quarter.”

In August 2023, one year on from the games release, Embracer Group closed down Volition and moved its Red Faction and Saints Row IP to Plaion.

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  1. To be honest the game probably didn’t retail for 70 dollars/euros outside of North America and Western Europe. Add to that that most stores take a 30% cut and those 1.7 million copies were spread over the whole year before the studio shuttered, the game has probably lost Embracer several if not tens of millions. They did get some Epic Games money for exclusivity but this just ended up costing both companies significant amounts of money for no benefit.

  2. This is actually the worst selling in the series. They should have just remade the first 2 games. Wish we could get a Sleeping Dogs 2 or True Crime NYC remake instead of money wasted on things like this.

    1. This last saints row sucked ass!.. Point blank period. Sad thing about it, I pre-ordered it and, waited til my birthday August 11th only, to go see my money well wasted. Do us a favor, remake the First two Saints Row and send it to ps4 platform, because any other saints row that comes out, I’m sure a lot of us aren’t going buy it. Just remake the first two and drop it on ps4.

  3. My wife and I have copies, it’s okay and fun when the servers are working, which is hardly ever, but it is an okay game

  4. I would like to bet majority of those copies sold were not for full price. The game was constantly on sale, even only a month or so after release.

    It’s tale as old as time though. Company believes the game they’re making is great, community gives feedback that they don’t like it and doesn’t align with what they enjoyed about previous entries, company takes a firm stance of believing they know better and give a “don’t like it, don’t buy it attitude”. Game flops.

  5. The game is a “Diamond in the Rough”, and is a gemstone that needs a good deal of polish and bug inspection to make it work. While there were a few elements that drove me nuts, it’s still a good worth playing.

  6. Honestly, I love the game! The snarky comments, the humor and the characters made me laugh out loud… that doesn’t happen too often even if I find something hilarious. I know most didn’t like the game but then again I have a tendency to enjoy game others turn their noses up at.

  7. Taken from me personally that Saints Row remake isn’t Saints Row at all from what I heard from people on YouTube and Facebook like MadlittlePixel,RandomDC3, RGT83 and so on and so forth it was the fault of the greedy sons of bitches at Embracer who doesn’t care about the gamers nor the fans at all. They only want the almighty dollar. MONEY! Saints Row (2022) is basically SRINO Saints Row-In Name Only. Embracer can just go bankrupt for all I care.

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