Rocksteady Co-Founders Partner With Xbox To Create A New AAA Game, Report Claims

Xbox New Game Hundred Star

Xbox Game Studios seems to be gearing up to get a new AAA game, and it’s being developed by a studio created by two co-founders of Rocksteady. According to a new report from Exputer, developer Hundred Star and Xbox have reached an agreement on a new single-player action-adventure game.

It’s the first game from the studio founded by Rocksteady co-founders Jamie Walker and Sefton Hill.

While there isn’t much more information known about the game, the report adds that Xbox Game Studios is financing the project. Insider Gaming has yet to independently verify this report. Both Xbox and Hundred Star have been reached out to for comment, but no response has been received as of publishing.

According to the studio’s website, it says that the company has 100 people. The company’s profile on UK’s great place to work website says it has 25 “UK-based employees”.

“Our ethos is of creating a small team of only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents, who are committed to crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences that inspire and captivate players worldwide,” the company’s overview reads. “With innovation at our core, we’re dedicated to pushing boundaries, embracing diversity, and fostering a vibrant gaming community. Our empowering company culture is unique to the industry which encourages leadership at all levels, accountability, team support, vulnerability, and connection.”

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        People exactly like you are why we are at this point in the first place.

        How about YOU get out if you can’t handle words. Nobody wants a clown like you around.

  1. They only want to make online titles just not based on DC IP. They won’t and can’t make anything like Arkham City again. Look how bad Suicide Squad was they sucked making that and it took 10 years.

    1. Yeah so I don’t know how they’d do with original IP and most of the people who made the good games left a long time ago not to mention these guys have a bad reputation.

      1. Yeah a ton of people left after Arkham City and these guys were in charge also when the allegations of abuse came out also on them. Suicide Squad their idea.

  2. Bad move these guys can’t make anything good look at Arkham Knight’s story and then Suicide Squad. Besides this is still 4-7 years away or 10 knowing them. They don’t even have any licenses to work with.

      1. It’s the leaders of Rocksteady who have an awful background they enabled a toxic workplace and the people they hired are ex-Rocksteady who left the studio from Arkham Knight and during Suicide Squad so not a great bunch. With Microsoft involved they’ll fall faster.

  3. True though, always equals sub par product..go figure! Hiring based on skin colour, over talent..isn’t very smart

  4. Microsoft shouldn’t be funding this they should get their own house in order bring Banjo Kazooie back, Conker, Mech Assault, Kameo, Crimson Skies, Phantom Dust, Itagaki wants to work with them fund him, bring Cliff back to Gears. They should be doing that. They offered Insomniac to make a Conker game but within a year they’re that dumb.

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