Rise of the Ronin Has a New Gameplay Trailer

rise of the ronin

Rise of the Ronin is so close that we can almost feel the sharpness of its blade. On March 22, this epic, open-world RPG set in 19th-century Japan will be released exclusively on PlayStation 5, and it’s shaping up to be a monumental title that could give the likes of Ghost of Tsushima a run for its money.

During the State of Play showcase, we got an extended look at the gameplay, which has been masterfully created by Team Ninja, the creative force behind the likes of Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Nioh, and Wo Long.

Rise of the Ronin is Massive

In Rise of the Ronin, players will get the opportunity to explore several Japanese cities, as well as vast rural environments made accessible by horseback, glider, or with the use of a grappling hook. Fluidity and verticality are the orders of the day in Rise of the Ronin.

In the new trailer that debuted during the State of Play event, we saw the player character traversing a wide-open world and going up against a vast array of enemies. From regular swordsmen to hulking opponents, a diverse platter of combat-based opportunities was revealed. There were sieges shown, horseback fights revealed, and intense boss fights teased.

Here’s the trailer:

It looks fluid, brutal, and challenging, which is something that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy.

During the gameplay breakdown for Rise of the Ronin, we see the impressive traversal systems at play and get an idea of the scope of this game both in terms of the immersive campaign and the large, open-world environment that’s ripe for exploration.

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  1. Xbox should have paid for this game and published it. This is the first Team Ninja action game post-Itagaki that looks great. Speaking off have you guys heard any updates on those things like I heard Koei Tecmo hired Platinum to make a new Ninja Gaiden and has plans to make a new Dead Or Alive with another developer I’m wondering who? Arika? Eighting? Also remember hearing Itagaki was making an action game in Unreal 5 haven’t heard anything since except he’s doing NFT games really would love to see him come back he’s a legend DOA and NG were great because of him.

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