Judas Gets a New Trailer During PlayStation Showcase

judas trailer

We’ve seen almost nothing of Judas since it was revealed during The Game Awards in December 2022. From the creative mind that brought us BioShock, Judas is a first-person shooter rooted in a sci-fi setting, boasting a story that can be manipulated as it unfolds. It’s Ghost Story Games’ (founded by Ken Levine) debut title, and there are high expectations for it.

During the State of Play event, an all-new trailer for Judas was revealed.

What is Judas?

From the trailer that was shown, we have a much better idea of the subject matter wrapped up in the single-player shooter that is Judas. In the trailer, we get a look at a somewhat creepy, bizarre world that seems to be indicative of alternative universes or a multiverse. There are freaky robots, insane powers, and more explosions than we can possibly handle.

Here’s the new story trailer:

It’s certainly reminiscent of BioShock, right?

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