Metro: Awakening Revealed During State of Play

metro awakening

During the PlayStation ‘State of Play’ showcase, the next Metro game (a spin-off, actually) was revealed as Metro: Awakening. This all-new, VR-based title will put players in a more immersive role than ever before, sitting squarely in the heart of the Metro universe. In the first trailer for the game, it was revealed that players will get to explore the dark, morbid Moscow metro from a never-before-seen perspective, assuming control of ‘Seerdar’, a doctor desperately searching the tunnels for his missing wife.

It’s being released later in 2024.

Back to the Metro

In 2019, 4A Games released Metro: Exodus, the most recent game in the series. It was a much broader, more ambitious game than fans were used to, taking players out of the Russian ‘metro’ and into the vast world beyond. For months, players have been preparing for an announcement revealing the next main Metro game, which many thought would be an open-world multiplayer title.

This is neither the next main game nor an open-world multiplayer game.

Here’s the new trailer for the fresh VR title – which is being developed by Vertigo Games and not 4A Games:

This is a solid stopgap for anyone patiently awaiting the next major release in the Metro series. Of course, you’ll need to have PS VR2 to appreciate it, but what’s a few hundred dollars amongst friends?

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