Riot Games Prime Gaming Promotions Will End in 2024

Riot Games Lay off (layoffs)

Riot Games has officially announced in a new tweet that their Prime Gaming promotions will conclude in March 2024 for all of their games.

The announcement does not confirm an exact end date. It also doesn’t explain exactly why the renewal fell apart to begin with.

However, players can still claim drops until the end date and keep that content in their account after the promotions end.

These Prime Gaming promotions have been among the most popular, including massive titles like League of Legends and Valorant.

The loot has also been legitimately thoughtful and thematic across all of Riot Games’ titles. That has made these particular promotions more of a reward than a gimmick.

They have been genuinely large incentives for players to invest in Prime Gaming.

The League of Legends universe has consistently expanded with a variety of spin-offs, such as League of Legends: Wild Rift.

League of Legends also has the highly anticipated fighting spin-off Project L in the works. That title would have major Prime Gaming potential.

Fighting games are highly competitive and tend to have extensive rosters. All of Project L’s characters would certainly be ripe for Prime Gaming loot.

Riot Games has been a powerhouse in the eSports scene. And Prime Gaming promotions tend to tie into those as well. It will be truly strange for Riot Games to lose countless eSports team and event references.

Hopefully, Riot Games will elaborate on why Prime Gaming ultimately decided not to renew. Riot Games is successful and knowledgeable enough to overcome typical obstacles.

For now, players may want to finally invest in Prime Gaming to collect the last exclusive loot that Riot Games will offer.

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